IMG_4116Brian Stephenson            guitar, mandolin, banjo, vocals

Brian grew up in Wake Forest, North Carolina and moved to Wilmington in 2011 to study at UNCW. His first exposure to playing music was going to the Campbell Folk School and other folk music camps across North Carolina with his grandparents playing the dulcimer. At the age of ten he picked up the guitar, and started writing songs a few years after that. His style is that of a folk/country singer-songwriter and much of his musical influences come from exposure at a young age to outlaw country and the folk rock of the 60’s and 70’s by his father Mark. By the time he got to UNCW, he had picked up playing the banjo and mandolin. Then exposure to newgrass and jam bands developed his style further. He’s looking forward to taking the next step in his musical career and exploring the country.


Winston Mitchell             guitar, mandolin, dobro, vocals

Winston Mitchell started playing guitar at 14, learning from his father who played country, folk, and rock ‘n’ roll music. His father was a skilled guitarist, singer, songwriter, and pedal steel player, as well as Winston’s heaviest influence musically. Eventually Winston began branching out on his own, answering his own musical questions through open ears and eager fingers. Listening to mainly rock ‘n’ roll and old country music up until his mid-20s, his brother-in-law Adam introduced him to a newer, more modern style of Bluegrass. This music reminded him of the stuff his dad used to listen to, but with a sound and flare more relatable to what he enjoyed. He still enjoys playing electric guitar but has a special passion for all things acoustic, specifically the jammier side of things. Three years ago he gave into a long-lived curiosity and began playing mandolin; it was love at first note. Along with mandolin he also plays dobro, which he enjoys alternating regularly.


Derek Lane                                                 bass, vocals